Mar 252013

My home was sold last week! The buyer found it through the Green Homes for Sale website. A wonderful match, we managed the whole more than eventful process as a team, and in the end all worked out, with the blessing of the VA.

Thank you for everything. You have been very responsive and personable every time I needed help and I will certainly recommend your site to other people.

Laura Zanini
Salisbury Center, New York, USA
Feb 262013

We had a very unusual property with a very large adobe studio and somewhat larger (2500sq ft) strawbale house that realtors were having a hard time selling. They were afraid to talk about the straw bale and energy efficiency! We knew that the folks looking for homes on Green Homes for Sale would appreciate all the features of our property and so we always made sure we kept our listing current. We got our most serious inquiries from GHFS and eventually a young American family looking to return to the States after a 5 year stint in Africa saw our listing and fell in love. Our 15 min. video told them all they needed to know and except for a visit by a relative who gave our place a thumbs up they bought our place sight unseen!
We would never have reached these good folks half way around the world were it not for Green Homes for Sale.  Thanks so much!

Leslie Lee
near Jacksonville, Oregon

Feb 112013
Thanks to your wonderful Green Homes for Sale, I received numerous inquiries, which resulted in 5 showings, and a purchase and sale agreement that will close on the sale for tomorrow September 16th!Thank you for the opportunity to list my own home, it was well worth the investment, and I will recommend it to anyone I know search for a green home to buy, or looking to sell.  Hurray for leaving out the need for a real estate agent!  More money in the buyer’s and the seller’s pocket. Best
Anne Hallee
Troy, Maine
Feb 112013
We finally sold our beloved home in New Hampshire. Found a deserving buyer and my Dad is happy with the smooth closing. Although 2 realtors zoomed in for the fees, it was your site that made the sale in the end. Many interested families praised the Green Homes site for the best details and comparative shopping as compared to what a realtor MLS showed. Many thanks and we highly recommend GreenHomesForSale to anyone that is concientious about maintaining a Green Footprint :)
Gerald Doiron
Jefferson, New Hampshire
Feb 112013
We sold are house thanks to you. Thank you so very much!!! My wife and I became involved in ecology 10 years ago. We build another straw bale homestead in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately at that time, your fantastic website didn’t exist so we couldn’t find a buyer and had to sell for half what it was listed for. We weren’t rich people and it basically financially wiped us out. We had to start over. Guess what; we built another strawbale homestead in New York and prepared to open our home office for naturopathic medicine. Unfortunately New York state wouldn’t let us doctor with our masters and doctors degrees so we had to sell. WOW! We were so scared to get basically nothing for our second super green home. But along came to the rescue. We got our asking price . You saved us!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! Have a wonderful summer and just know you are making a big difference in the world.
Jeff and Jodi Andrysick
Hammondsport, New York
Feb 112013
Thank you for your well-targeted service!
We sold our home in less than three weeks to a family that contacted us via our greenhomesforsale listing. We are so glad that someone who appreciates and will add to the green features of the home has purchased it.
Jerry and Natalie McIntire
Portland, Oregon
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