Feb 262013

We had a very unusual property with a very large adobe studio and somewhat larger (2500sq ft) strawbale house that realtors were having a hard time selling. They were afraid to talk about the straw bale and energy efficiency! We knew that the folks looking for homes on Green Homes for Sale would appreciate all the features of our property and so we always made sure we kept our listing current. We got our most serious inquiries from GHFS and eventually a young American family looking to return to the States after a 5 year stint in Africa saw our listing and fell in love. Our 15 min. video told them all they needed to know and except for a visit by a relative who gave our place a thumbs up they bought our place sight unseen!
We would never have reached these good folks half way around the world were it not for Green Homes for Sale.  Thanks so much!

Leslie Lee
near Jacksonville, Oregon

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