Feb 112013

Contact information is displayed in listings and available to all.

There are several ways to contact a seller:
1. Call the telephone number provided in the listing
2. Send the seller an email using the email form provided at the bottom of the listing.

Feb 112013

There is a national and international market for Green and Healthy homes that cannot be reached by local advertising, marketing or local real estate professionals.

Marketing your Green and or Healthy home on the GreenHomesForSale.com Web site will give your home direct exposure to individuals interested in high quality healthy and environmental homes.

Although some real estate professionals may be familiar with the concept of Green and Healthy homes, many are not knowledgeable about the inerrant extra value of your specialty home.

There is no reason to restrict your options – market your home locally AND market your home on GreenHomesForSale.com

Feb 112013

Green and Healthy homes have a higher value than comparable homes in your area because they offer greater benefits to those who desire an eco friendly healthy home.

What would a person pay for fewer trips to a medical professional?
What would a person pay for a home that saves more energy and resources than it uses?
What would a person pay for a home built with renewable or recycled materials?

Homes built with environmental and health considerations often commend a price premium of 10 to 15 percent compared to other homes in your area.

Feb 112013

Pictures are very important. Pictures ensure that your listing will display in the random rotation of all listings on the home page. Listings with many good pictures tend to fall into the most viewed category.

Listings without pictures tend to be the least viewed.

Feb 112013

Because we reach a much larger audience for your specialty home than your local market provides. Green, Natural and Healthy homes are sought after by knowledgeable buyers who may change locations to live in an environmentally sound home.

People with environmental sensitivities are very desirous of green and safe homes and will move if an appropriate home can be located.

Feb 112013

Contact information is displayed in listings and available to all. Except a few sellers may want a person to be registered and signed in to view contact info.

There are several ways to contact a seller:
1. Call the telephone number provided
2. Send the seller an email using the provided form

Feb 112013
Free to contact sellers:
All contact information is contained in every listing.
20 pictures of homes for sale:
You can upload up to 20 pictures of a home, five at a time. You also are able to choose the image that will be the headline image and rank all the other images for display order.
Edit your listings:
Sellers are able to edit listing(s) easily and on line. Log into your listing control panel and edit all aspects of a listing, upload photos and view the messaging features of GHFS. The control panel system easily allows members and sellers to update email address and phone numbers and the sale price and any other info that is displayed in a listing.
Security For Sellers:
The GHFS system protects the email addresses of our members and sellers by not displaying member or seller email address on site. We do display the sellers phone number in a listing and a contact text form for any site visitor to send an email to a seller.
Control Panel:
Sellers and members have access to a control panel to manage listings. Personal contact information can be changed whenever you wish. The control panel is the launching pad for adding properties and photos. Everything in a listing can be edited and fine tuned to your liking – including the display order of your photos.
My Saved Listings:
Sellers and members can store listings that interest them for future review.
GHFS remembers all email sent and received:
GHFS saves copies of all email sent to sellers. Sellers have copies of all email sent to them and members will have copies of all emails sent to sellers.
Links to personal home page:
Sellers can add a link to personal home page that relates to their listings.
Feb 112013

While there are perhaps many ways to define a green home for the purposes of this site I define a green home as one that meets at least a few of the following criteria:

Made with generally non-toxic building materials

Energy efficient – a generally tight house with energy efficient appliances and windows and HVAC and ventilation systems

Solar home – derives most of its space and water heating from the sun

Recycled content materials

Resource efficient materials

Materials from renewable resources

Sensitive to its neighbors and context

Use of locally manufactured building materials

Feb 112013

While people with environmental sensitivities differ greatly, and their needs vary wildly, generally, a healthy home has been built or remodeled with low or non-toxic materials and have been provided adequate ventilation, filtration, and HVAC systems. Often older homes, which have not been remodeled recently, are a good beginning for a healthy home as any previously toxic materials have out gassed most or all unhealthy constituents.

In a healthy home one generally eliminates as much toxic materials as possible. Thus during the building or remodeling process materials know to be toxic are simply not used in a healthy home. If a material known to contain toxic materials or gasses cannot be replaced then it is appropriate to “encapsulate” these materials with appropriate sealers or other materials or technologies. Because our homes are “tighter” than ever – proper ventilation is key to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Thus healthy homes eliminate and encapsulate building materials and finally ventilate and filter to keep indoor air quality high.

There are many ways to define a healthy home, however, for our purposes we define a healthy home as one that meets at least a few of the following criteria:

Made or remodeled with generally non-toxic building materials

No pesticide use in or around the home – this is essential

Home is maintained with non-toxic cleaning supplies – this is essential

HVAC, ventilation and filtration systems that are designed for optimum health

An older home that would ordinarily not be considered healthy that has been updated with health in mind could be a good possibility for individuals wanting a healthy home.
Feb 112013

We consider natural homes to be those built with generally natural materials like adobe and straw. Rammed earth, stone and other earthen technologies also qualify. Carefully crafted homes made of wood may also be considered as a natural home. We also consider as natural and eco – homes built with conservation and solar in mind. Natural homes are often energy efficient homes.

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