Welcome to the new Green Homes for Sale Blog…And improved Green Homes for Sale Website.

Green Homes For Sale (GHFS) is the premier Internet venue, and green MLS, for buying and selling energy efficient homes and green homes. We feature homes you will not find in normal real estate sources and Green Homes For Sale is now averaging over 300,000 page views per month!

Green Homes For Sale serves both home owners and real estate professionals. If you are a home owner and have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sellers and Buyers benefit from the easy-to-use features of the Green Homes for Sale website:

Free to contact sellers:
All contact information is contained in every listing. Listings that are sold do not show contact info or sales price.

Control Panel:
Sellers have access to a control panel to manage listings. Personal contact information can be changed whenever you wish. The control panel is you launching pad for adding properties and photos. Everything in a listing can be edited and fine tuned to your liking – including the display order of your photos.

Edit your listings:
Sellers are able to edit listing(s) easily and on line. Log into your listing control panel and edit all aspects of a listing, upload photos and view the messaging features of GHFS. The control panel system easily allows members and sellers to update email address and phone numbers and the sale price and any other info that is displayed in a listing.

20 pictures of homes for sale:
You can upload up to 20 pictures of a home. You also are able to choose the image that will be the headline image and rank all the other images for display order.

Security For Sellers:
The GHFS system protects the email addresses of our members and sellers by not displaying member or seller email address on site. We do display the sellers phone number in a listing and a contact text area for any site visitor to send an email to a seller. Sellers can indicate, in their control pane, whether to display contact info to all visitors or only to registered members. The default is to display contact info in a listing.

Links to personal home page:
Sellers can add links to personal home pages that relate to their listings.

GHFS remembers all email sent and received:
GHFS saves copies of all email sent to sellers. Sellers have copies of all email sent to them and members will have copies of all emails sent to sellers (must be logged in for your outgoing emails to be saved).


Green Homes for Sale offers a wide variety of green and energy efficient homes for sale:

Earthship Homes
LEED Homes
Sustainable Homes
Energy Efficient Homes
GreenBuilt Homes
Energy Star Homes
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